OK, so I’m totally late getting on the Rachael Ray bandwagon. I have foodie friends who have been raving about her Food Network shows for ages, but until this weekend, I never really cared.

Still, better late than never.

Last Friday I had suggested to a couple of my gal pals that we hit the Rocky Mountain Diner for lunch, thinking that a huge pile of gravy-smothered comfort food would be the perfect complement to the freezing temperatures outside. But Ms. Ray was there filming, making it a total zoo of a situation that we opted to avoid. (Instead we went to Bump & Grind for their amazing, totally delish chicken pot pie and gooey homemade mac & cheese. Yum.)

But it got me thinking, and wondering where her Tasty Travels show took her here in Denver. I heard that she also visited the Vesta Dipping Grill (great choice) but couldn’t find the rest of her itinerary while she was in town last weekend. She hit Denver last year for her $40 a Day show, visiting Julia Blackbird’s, Parisi, Wynkoop, and Le Central to stay within her daily budget, but this time the budget allows for a little more wiggle room, and I wonder where she went.

So. I’m asking all culinary sleuths around town for tips. See, I think it would be fun to try some of the same spots with my own foodie friends before the show airs, and see how the various opinions stack up. What the hell, right? I need a project. Hit the feedback link below if you have some suggestions.