Denver’s National Jewish Hospital is getting some well-deserved publicity. The patient who came into the U.S. with a form of tuberculosis that is resistant to drugs is coming to NJH for treatment. The Center for Disease control is recommending that people who sat near him on his flights be tested for the disease.

CDC officials said they were scrambling to locate the airline crews and dozens of passengers from the two flights the patient boarded: Air France Flight 385 from Atlanta to Paris on May 12 and Czech Air Flight 0104 from Prague to Montreal on Thursday. Health officials said the crews and any passengers seated near the patient are at highest risk and should be immediately tested for TB.

On CNN tonight, I watched a discussion of whether the man should be named. It is a tough call, public safety vs. medical privacy. The Center for Disease Control doesn’t think the threat is severe enough to name him, even though it has the authority. Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin disagreed. What do you think?