Robert Nay, an eighth grader from Spanish Fork, Utah, is behind the recent gaming sensation known as “Bubble Ball.” The app, which he developed for the iPhone, has been downloaded more than two million times, making it the number one free download in Apple’s iTunes store (via ABC News). Most kids aren’t quite that tech savvy, but some schools are investing in the tools that can help take them there. Teachers at Edwards’ Red Canyon High School are getting used to the sounds of students tapping on touchscreens after the alternative school bought 36 iPads for its classrooms, making it the first in the county to invest in the Apple technology, according to the Vail Daily.

The $18,000 cost is a worthwhile expense, says principal Wade Hill, who points out that iPads are cheaper than computers, alleviate pressure on the computer labs, and draw students into the electronic world that will be waiting for them when they graduate. Of course, too much time using such devices is contributing to a rising problem in eyestrain, notes the Denver Post, which speaks to numerous experts who say the best way to avoid red eyes and squinting, and perhaps the spiral into a headache, is to blink more often.