The Shag Lounge, a bawdy bar on a divey block of downtown Denver, has figured out a way to attract attention—and a few new drinkers. The marquis outside the tavern’s entrance reads: Tebow Drinks Here.

“We were just joking around,” says Charley Cox, a bartender at the lounge. “He hasn’t come in. We just thought with his Christian background that it’d be funny.” And then a funny thing did happen: The bartenders began to notice that at least 20 to 30 people have stopped to take smart phone snaps of the sign each day—and more than a few have then bellied up to the bar for a $2 PBR.

The sign has been up for about two months and Cox isn’t sure when they’ll take it down. “If Focus on the Family calls and threatens a lawsuit then we’ll either take it down or name a drink after Mr. Tebow and offer that at our happy hour,” Cox says.