There’s no telling how long the NFL lockout will drag on, but that isn’t preventing rumors of quarterback unrest for the Denver Broncos. Third-stringer Brady Quinn doesn’t have a real shot at the top job (coincidentally, fan favorite Peyton Hillis, the player for whom Quinn was traded, will grace the cover of the next Madden NFL video game).

The true battle is between golden boy Tim Tebow and the decidedly less flashy Kyle Orton. Orton has been working out with teammates in Denver this week, but he hasn’t been around much otherwise (Denver Post). Tebow, on the other hand, has been working out “obsessively” and is determined to win the team’s starting job (CBS Sports).

Westword isn’t as anxious to figure things out but suggests the Broncos will trade Orton when the labor situation is resolved: “So relax, Denver. It really doesn’t matter who [is] the Broncos’ starting quarterback as long as owners and players remain at odds—and probably for some time after they kiss and make up.”