Alexandra Pelosi, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter and director of “Journeys With George,” has been shadowing Ted Haggard for some time, directing a new documentary about the disgraced pastor, who was ousted from New Life Church in Colorado Springs following allegations of sex with a male prostitute and methamphetamine use.

The Denver Post reports that Haggard will help publicize “The Trials of Ted Haggard,” which is set to air on HBO next month. The 41-minute documentary “follows Haggard and his family as they move from houses to motels as [he] tries to redeem himself and support his loved ones.” Haggard and his family will even give a press tour in Los Angeles next month, according to a spokeswoman for HBO.

About a month ago, Haggard, 52, resurfaced after nearly two years in seclusion at a rural Illinois church, delivering a guest sermon and claiming he was sexually abused as a child. A recent article by the Colorado Springs Gazette says New Life church perseveres despite the Haggard scandal and the shocking shooting spree a year ago that left two dead.