Haggard, Ted_2If anyone is making a comeback this year, it’s Colorado Springs pastor Ted Haggard, who says he was “trying to go low” with his open-to-the-public prayer meeting last night at his house, his first time leading fellow Christians since he resigned from New Life Church in 2006 amid allegations of a sex-and-drugs scandal (via The Associated Press). Haggard nevertheless captured the spotlight as he welcomed more than 110 people to his home Thursday, calling it a “Kumbaya moment,” writes the Colorado Springs Gazette. “People here tonight believe in resurrection and me,” he proclaimed as visitors said they came to be with Haggard out of grace and forgiveness. “Christians are to forgive, and I have forgiven Ted,” says the Reverend Alan Hawkins, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. While Haggard tells the AP he isn’t trying to build a new New Life Church, the Gazette reports Haggard might have to hold worship at a larger Colorado Springs venue because of the turnout. The gatherings, he admits, may “evolve” into a formal nonprofit church.