Are you tired of Ted Haggard or do you feel closer to him than ever? For Vanity Fair’s blog, the answer is clearly the former: “Ugh, sanctimonious (former!) meth fiend Ted Haggard, the inventor of Colorado’s New Life Church who stepped down in 2006 following a gay-prostitution/drugs scandal, announced today that he is starting a radical, game-changing new church.” To take a less judgmental tone, Haggard, who was exiled from his Colorado Springs church after the 2006 scandal, is simply looking for a new lease on his religious life. So far, his words don’t sound like run-of-the-mill, conservative, evangelism. “Everyone is welcome: Democrat, Republican, gay, straight, bi, addicts, tall, short,” Haggard says of his new church, dubbed St. James, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette. “Jesus’ arms are open to all of us.” Immediate plans for the church are to locate a worship site. “We’ll talk about how to love,” Haggard says. The Los Angeles-based Prenner Group, which has handled publicity for the reality show, “The Girls Next Door,” featuring Playboy models, is handling public relations for Haggard.