Ted Haggard, the founder and disgraced former pastor of Colorado Springs’ New Life megachurch, continues to build his own new life. While there are hundreds of church incorporations in the Springs, a new one last week by Haggard and his wife, Gayle, did not go unnoticed. Using their home address, the Haggards have created a church they are calling St. James, a tribute to a passage in the Bible’s Book of James that reads “faith without works is dead,” according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Haggard says he incorporated to keep the accounting books in order for paid talks the couple has given around the country, but the possibility is also open that the Haggards could create a church with members and a choir. “Sometime, somewhere we will do some type of ministry,” Haggard says. Once a national evangelical leader, Haggard resigned from New Life and left Colorado Springs under an agreement with church board members following a 2006 scandal, which involved a male prostitute and drug allegations. He and his wife returned to Colorado Springs in 2008, and last November, more than 100 people attended two prayer events at the Haggard home, according to The Denver Post.