Coloradans like to talk about four subjects: the weather, the mountains, beer, and the Broncos (we’ll throw in the Rockies and Avs as wildcards). What they like to do is stay healthy, whether that involves shopping at Whole Foods, biking to work, or listening to fitness gurus discuss their favorite active adventures (while noting those exploits for their next weekend trip, of course).

Boulderite Ryan Wagner wanted to see what these minds could create if they ended up in the same room. In September, the 30-year-old business consultant and fitness blogger started Fit Mornings, a free, hour-long discussion series featuring one to two speakers that give TED-style talks about everything from yoga to acupuncture to nutrition on one Friday morning each month (February’s will feature local herbalist and health coach Greg Gillette).

“[Colorado] is one of the most competitive fitness markets there is, and there’s always something new,” Wagner says. “At the same time, I don’t think there’s a really coherent conversation on fitness; there’s a lot of things going on but not what I would call a discussion. The ambitious goal is to create that venue.”

Inspired by New York-based Creative Mornings, the dialogues move to different spaces around the city, ranging from group gyms like Pearl Street Fitness to CrossFit boxes such as Axistence Athletics. Right now, the presentations consist of speeches and basic exercises like lunges, but Wagner thinks they could transition into workshops that demonstrate the proper technique for a more complicated movement, like a dead lift.

“There should always be some avenue that’s perfectly free where you can find incredible content,” Wagner says. “Some people can’t pay for the expensive trainer or gym membership; at the very least if there could be a once-a-month event where they can learn something new or meet someone who could help them, I think there’s value to that.”

Check out this month’s Fit Mornings, taking place on Friday at 9 a.m. at Axistence Athletics, 1950 S. Quebec St., 732-670-4043, For those who can’t make it, all the talks are posted on Wagner’s website.

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