After two teenage burglary suspects were arrested in New Mexico, authorities discovered they were planning a shooting spree at Dove Creek High School in rural southwestern Colorado. An unnamed 16-year-old boy wanted to shoot the school’s principal and several others, according to The Associated Press, which reports that deputies recovered a cache of rifles from the boy’s home. “It was probably going to take place this week,” Dolores County Sheriff Jim Martin says, noting that the 16-year-old wasn’t allowed on campus in the fall after showing up for school in a trench coat with his face painted white. The other suspect, 19-year-old Cody Barr, told his family about it, Martin says, although charges have not yet been filed. The Farmington Daily-Times writes that the reported theft of a semi-automatic handgun and 200 rounds of ammunition recently in Dove Creek, a small town near the Utah state line, heightened concern.