The politics of contraband is coming to Telluride. Residents of the ski resort town will be voting on a “sensible pot ordinance” this November. If passed, it would mean that enforcing pot ordinances against adult users would become the lowest law enforcement priority. Seventh Judicial District Attorney Tom Raynes doesn’t seem particularly upset by the measure:

… current law isn’t enforced much anyway, Raynes said, provided the small amount of marijuana is the only potential offense against a person.

Even though possession under an ounce of marijuana is only a petty offense punishable by a $100 fine state-wide, there’s still a reason for the ordinance, according to the bill’s chief backer, Ernest Eich:

Eich, however, said that conviction of a petty offense concerning marijuana “has federal ramifications, like you can’t get student loans, and many jobs where there’s a background check.”

Back in the 80’s, Glenn Frey had this to say about drugs and Telluride, in Smuggler’s Blues:

They move it through Miami, sell it in L.A., They hide it up in Telluride, I mean it’s here to stay. ….You ask any D.E.A. man, He’ll say There’s nothin’ we can do,

Good point.