Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony finally opened up recently about his thoughts on staying with the team long-term—or at least for the next four years. Reports suggested that the writing was on the wall for a Melo departure, especially when factoring in the sale of his south-metro-area home and rumors about a revitalized New York Knicks team after the upcoming season.

As yesterday progressed, even more reports were published, suggesting Melo is definitely leaving, including one from ESPN that indicates it’s only a matter of timing. The Denver Post writes that the Nuggets are working to trade Melo, which would at least give the team a shot at another quality player, rather than simply be left without Melo.

But one voice is working to temper all the speculation, a source reliably close to the situation. Melo himself took to his Twitter feed last night, writing, “Funny how people come up with there [sic] own analysis of a situation. I tell you boy ……. Unbelievable.”

That was followed up by columnist Aaron Lopez, a former Rocky Mountain News reporter, writing that the front-office turmoil facing the Nuggets is relatively common in the NBA: Melo is simply taking his time to make a major decision that will impact him and his family for years, and there is an open, constant dialogue between Melo and the Nuggets, a sign of mutual respect that shows the ultimate decision is far from made.