The redevelopment of Denver’s Union Station into a teeming rail and transit hub gets under way today with a goodbye. The historic underground pedestrian tunnel between Wynkoop and Wewatta streets will be closed forever, causing Westword to hesitate for one sentimental moment with a sigh, while anticipating the changes to come to be world-class. Union Station is as frozen as any other part of the city today, thanks to the sub-zero temperatures and snow that have settled over the region. It’s so cold Amtrak has delayed its move out of the station, to a temporary site at 1800 21st Street behind Coors Field (via 9News). Amtrak won’t return to Union Station until the renovations are complete—in 2014.

As for the cold, the current temps aren’t expected to break any records. The coldest day ever in the Mile High City was -29 on January 9, 1875 (via 7News). And the coldest February 1 was -25 in 1951. That probably doesn’t make you feel any warmer, especially considering the last time Denver had a high of -1 or lower was in January 1997.