I’m still in recovery. You see, I has hit with a raging food coma last night, induced by the new menu tasting at Tamayo. Chef/owner Richard Sandoval was on hand to chat up a scattered group of foodies last night as we sat down to a seven-course tasting menu to sample his newest delectable creations. I should have known I was in for trouble as soon as heard “seven courses.” But I bravely made my way through all of them, nibbling, munching, gulping, and gorging myself all the way down to the insanely good Tres Leches Bread Pudding. Oh my God, the bread pudding! That was my favorite item of the night — warm three-milk bread pudding with blueberry compote, candied pecans, chocolate ice cream and vanilla cinnamon sauce. I’m sighing about it even now, although my tummy has only just recently recovered from the blatant overindulgence last night.

Two close seconds on the fave list: the Halibut Ceviche ($11), with cucumbers and mangos to cut the heat of the chile habanero, and the Alambre de Rib Eye ($23), rib eye skewers with chorizo, bacon, red bell peppers, crilled cactus, mushrooms, gouda cheese and tomatillo-chile morita salsa. We also tasted the queso dip, the shrimp tacos, a grilled chicken dish, and the pan-fried snapper (Sandoval told me the snapper was the biggest hit of the night overall, but it’s got nothing on the skewers, in my humble opinion).

By the time we got to dessert and coffee — an excellent Italian roast called Segafredo Zanetti which I have plans to track down for personal use, btw — we were in that dazed, bloated-yet-blissed state of sensory overload you get from eating way too much good food. I’m sure I’ll never be able to perfect the art of tasting food properly. I just can’t seem to do the take-two-bites thing that true professionals have adopted. But I can’t complain. I’ll take the pain (and the extra workouts to help allay the guilt) and chalk it up as part of a really lovely experience.