The raids earlier this week in Queens, New York, and the ongoing probe in Colorado constitute “one of the most sensitive U.S. terrorism investigations in years,” according to NPR, which points out that the seriousness of the operations is underscored by agents in full body armor. All eyes were on Aurora yesterday, specifically the East Smokey Hill Road apartment complex where Najibullah Zazi resides. There, agents wore white suits and purple gloves as they scoured his home, apparently for evidence of a bomb plot (via The New York Times). The man who married Zazi’s aunt, Naqib Jaji, doesn’t have very kind words for Zazi. “He lived with me for six months and never gave me a penny,” Jaji tells The Denver Post. “We had issues.” Yet, Jaji says it was “impossible” for Zazi to be a terrorist: “We have a much better life here than in Afghanistan,” and Zazi, an airport shuttle driver, wants to bring his wife from Pakistan so that she can become a citizen. Meanwhile, FBI agents visited Home Depots across Denver in an effort to find receipts for purchases of large quantities of materials that could be used to make explosives, according to 9News.