Seems that everyone has caught the poker bug. It’s been hot all year, from celebrity and professional tournaments on cable, to high-stakes online games and special live events.

And more and more places in town are offering live poker games, including Fat City, which will introduce their Texas Hold ‘Em eight-week tourneys on Thursday night. The Littleton entertainment complex already offers billiards, bowling, video games, skating, laser tag, miniature golf, karaoke, and more, so the addition of poker tournaments seems an ideal fit. Of course, this isn’t Vegas, so you’ll be betting for points and prizes rather than any big payoffs, but you don’t have to pony up an entry fee, and it seems they have plenty of takers so far.

Want to sign up? The 20 tables can accomodate 200 players, and the first round kicks off at 7 p.m. tomorrow.