Okay, people, let’s see that flair!

TGI Friday’s is holding regional competitions amongst its many national locations to see who is the best bartender. Tonight it’s Colorado versus Minnesota at the Thornton location (1251 E. 120th Avenue) as three local drink slingers take on three from the Midwest. The event will benefit hurricane victims and also a TGI Friday’s employee.

Danny Warren (Thornton TGI Friday’s), Corrine Dorman (Lonetree TGI Friday’s) and Jason “Texâ€? Brown (Colorado Springs TGI Friday’s) are the local competitors, hosting three bartenders from Minnesota: Rob Ausdemore, Mark Hallock and Justin Duchemin.

The event, which includes a live auction, will raise money for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund as well as for Donald “Denverâ€? Woodall, a Friday’s team member who was paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident last year.

The Tuesday hangover? It’s a small price to pay for helping people out.