I wish they were kidding.

I just got an invite to a Paris “that’s hot!” Hilton look-alike contest at Beyond nightclub next Tuesday. Does anyone else find that creepy and disturbing? They might as well put out a call for all anorexic, bitchy bleached blondes with mean streaks to show up. (Um, like, the trust fund? It’s like, so totally optional.)

I guess we all have our celebrities we love to hate on, and Miss Paris is mine. Probably it’s just because she’s filthy rich, and with that wardrobe you don’t have to be smart, pretty, friendly, or even marginally interesting to become a fashionable “it girl.”

So no, thanks. I’ll skip the BBB (bitchy bleached-blonde) convention. Call me a hater if you want, but I think I’d rather wash my cat that night.

If you, on the other hand, are lovin’ on some Paris action, and and have the video to prove it, head to Beyond nightclub at the Denver Pavilions next Tuesday the 25th for the contest. Five finalists will go on the next round (please, kill me now) on February 1. The winner gets a makeover, jewelry, and a trip to Vegas to meet Paris in person.

Here, kitty kitty….