Rose Quartz » “Leaving Now” (pictured)

“A great dance song with terrific vocals and more layers than a mile-high lasagna.”
—Kendall Smith, event director, the Underground Music Showcase

Natalie Tate » “Chased by the Sun”

“It gives me the feeling of sitting by the creek at the end of a long, hot day… nowhere to be.”
—Erin Roberts, singer-songwriter, Porlolo

Ark Life » “Rock & Roll (Take It Easy)”

“A real window-down jammer…. I’m all for any song that can sneak in a shoop shoop.”
—Nate Meese, musician, 7S Management, The Centennial, Tennis, Navy

Shady Elders » “In July”

“The vibe is fun and laid-back. The reverb is wet, like a Slip’N Slide or the ocean. And with Shady Elders, there’s an underlying darkness: Can summer ever truly live up to your expectations? ”
—James Irvine, founder, Holy Underground talent management

Land Lines » “Rivers + Streams”

“The dramatic swells are perfect for one of the first warm nights of summer when you are elated to get in your car, roll the windows down, and drive fast.”
—Julie Davis, bass, Bluebook; drummer, Miss America By Wheary

Spells » “Jet Set”

“Nothing says summer like some good old-fashioned vacation rock!”
—Jason Hoke, drummer, The Epilogues

Filthy T » “Heart’s on You”

“The rap track with the catchy rock/pop hook makes me think of a warm Colorado summer evening on a rooftop somewhere with all my favorite people. ”
—Will Dupree, production manager, the Underground Music Showcase

Rubedo » “Whom You Fear”

“This synthy spirit-lifter shows off Rubedo’s subtle force.”
—Shawn King, drummer, Devotchka