It’s a cinch to find great food and wine in Boulder. Just stand in the middle of Pearl Street, close your eyes, and point, and you’re bound to come up with great eats. But throw dancing into the mix, and the choices are limited.

Absinthe House owners Eric Turner and Alfonso Natarelli changed all that when they took over the old Foundry location and turned it into the biggest new party spot on Walnut Street. Combining a bar and dance club (covering more than 6,000 square feet), a 1,700-square-foot patio overlooking the Flatirons, and DJs spinning the dance-floor mix, the club brings a new dynamic to the downtown Boulder scene.

But what about the food and drink? Marketing the club as having “the largest selection of genuine absinthe of any bar in North America,” Turner and Natarelli (who also own the Swiss Haven, Alpinista Mountain Bistro, and the Green Fairy) chose to offer an impressive roster of authentic absinthe. Don’t miss the caramely and citrusy selection made by Denver-based Leopold Bros.

Food, however, is marginal at best. Salads arrive lifeless and poorly dressed, pastas are under-seasoned, and the Raclette panini arrives with unmelted cheese.

Best Bet: Stick to the array of bubbly cheese fondues, sip on absinthe, and make a quick beeline to the dance floor.

1109 Walnut St., Boulder, 303-443-8600