Who doesn’t want a bathroom all to herself for the morning routine and evening wind-down? (No more jostling for position at the sink? Sign us up!) That was the impetus behind this Cherry Hills master bathroom overhaul, which transformed the original bath into a “hers” sanctuary (pictured)—while adding a master sitting room and separate-yet-adjoining bathroom for him.

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield.

Part of a whole-home renovation that replaced an earthy Tuscan ambiance with a bright, airy vibe, this 300-square-foot she-space is “fresh, classic, and refined,” says Andrea Schumacher, owner of Andrea Schumacher Interiors. “We wanted a complete departure from the dark woods. Our vision was to make it clean and feminine.” Chic materials provide visual interest, like the brass-inlaid, waterjet-cut marble tile that creates a “rug” of stone within the Calacatta-marble floor. Accents including an Arteriors brass chandelier add just enough sparkle to convey unmistakable femininity—creating the perfect retreat for a gal who needs a little space to do her thing.

Know the Lingo: Waterjet cutting

Image courtesy of Elite Stone Collection.

A process whereby intricate tile designs are carved with a thin, extremely high-pressure stream of water (mixed with other abrasive particles) for precision and efficiency. Find the tile pictured here–with its gorgeous brass inlay–at Decorative Materials in the Denver Design District.