Earlier this week, I told you about Michelangelo’s, a new coffee and wine bar that opened last weekend at 1 Broadway near the Mayan. Being a confirmed caffiene addict and a wannabe wine connoisseur, I made it a top priority to pop in and check out the fun factor of the spot.

It’s exactly as I feared. Once comfortably situated, I may never leave this place. Owner Michael Palermo serves up steaming cups of java with a true barista’s pride and confidence, but he also makes a mean panini sandwich and will happily help you through an impromptu tasting of several of his hand-picked wines.

And the space is quite cozy, with leather couches, wrough-iron cafe tables, rustic golden hued walls, and a baby grand piano in the corner for your weekend entertainment pleasure. A large wall hanging of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” graces the north wall, adding a touch of old world charm.

Palermo is still working out the details of his menu, but there is something for every hour of the day. Breakfast brings fresh bakery items, lunchtime offers sandwiches and salads, and the evening menu is all about small plates of wine-friendly nibbles. It’s not meant to be a full restaurant, but rather a great spot for a drink and a long conversation, a quick coffee and a bite to eat, or a relaxing destination for dropping by after a movie or an afternoon spent perusing the Broadway boutiques.

So drop in, order up a cuppa — or a glassa — and plan to stay a while.