The Colorado Avalanche signed six players yesterday, but the news came with little more than a yawn from many hockey fans. The Denver Post reports that the Avs signed wingers David Jones and Brian Willsie, and centers Chris Durno and Matt Hendricks, who played most of last season for the Avs’ minor-league affiliate. They also signed goalie Tyler Weiman and picked “perennial minor-league star Darren Haydar,” the Post writes.

“Perennial minor-league star” about says it all. Haydar is a bona fide star, but he’s only 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds–stats that have made his game hard to translate at the National Hockey League level. Few players are guaranteed a roster spot in the major league, but Haydar has played just 22 NHL games.

It’s unfortunate that a once-proud franchise like the Colorado Avalanche would pump up news about a big signing day by emphasizing a “perennial minor-league star.” The road back to the playoffs might be a bit longer than many of us can stomach.