Peruse the Facebook pages of any of the Front Range’s disc golf clubs, and you’ll find information about upcoming tournaments, people sharing current course conditions, and banter about the incredible shots pros made over the weekend. More than anything else, though, you’ll see two words: tag match.

“Ultimately, the tag is a token of your membership,” says Kyle Harrigan, president of the Mile High Disc Golf Club. “They’re numbered anywhere from one through infinity, and the idea is that you have something you’re putting on the line when you play another club member.” When you beat someone with a lower number, you swap tags; your goal is to have the lowest tag possible at the end of the season. (Players renew their memberships annually; tags are often available at club events and local disc golf stores.)

“The various groups host tag matches almost every day of the week,” Harrigan says. “It’s a great way to add some competitiveness to your round.” It’s also a great way to meet potential playmates. Some courses—and even groups of friends—have their own tags, but for starters, check out these three major area clubs.

Dragon Disc Golf Club

This club has been making tags emblazoned with the Chinese zodiac animal of the year since 2012. It hosts regular tag matches (including after-dark glow rounds, in which baskets are lit up with LEDs) throughout Denver and one at a mountain course every Saturday. $15

Foothill Flyers Disc Golf Club

Founded in 2008, Foothill Flyers—which organizes competitions, clinics, and disc exchanges—calls the high-elevation courses along the U.S. 285 corridor home. $20

Mile High Disc Golf Club

The region’s largest group, with more than 1,000 members, holds multiple tag matches across the metro area nearly every day during the summer. The 19-year-old registered nonprofit also supports Food Bank of the Rockies via its marquee events. $20