When David Larabee, one of the designers behind DoubleButter furniture company, made three wooden cutting boards as a gift for his wife, Megan Hudacky, he couldn’t have foreseen how far that gesture would go. After admiring the modern, geometric boards, Hudacky—founder of Denver interior design firm CKY Design—suggested the pair start a side business. The result is Laradacky (a mashup of the couple’s last names). Larabee’s creations—crafted from solid maple, walnut, or cherry—are beautiful, but they’re not just decor: “They look like fine furniture, but we want people to really whoop on them,” Larabee says. Bonus: Three percent of Laradacky’s annual proceeds go to nonprofits the couple loves, including Good+ Foundation and Resolve, which means each board is a handsome, functional, and meaningful addition to your kitchen. Prices range from $75 to $175