In this month’s “Denver’s 35 Best Bars,” we pick the top bars in seven categories. The trouble is, the list is missing some of our favorite watering holes. Here, our top 11 neighborhood bars.

1. City O’ City

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Why We Love It: It doubled in size this summer, but still has the low-lit, tightly packed vibe of a smaller bar.1

2. Thin Man

Neighborhood: City Park West

Why We Love It: We always seem to find a seat at the bar, and the bartenders are always quick with refills.

3. TAG Restaurant

Neighborhood: LoDo

Why We Love It: Because all of our bartender friends recommend it. The restaurant has gone through some upheaval, but the drinks don’t seem to notice.

4. Linger

Neighborhood: LoHi

Why We Love It: Because it has drinks named “Corpse Reviver” and “Drowning for Apples.”

5. Irish Snug

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill/Uptown

Why We Love It: The bar isn’t fancy, but you feel like a regular every time you step inside.

6. El Diablo

Neighborhood: Broadway

Why We Love It: Margaritas. Chips. Salsa. That’s why.

7. Cherry Cricket

Neighborhood: Cherry Creek

Why We Love It: Because this place is always packed with sports fans, families, and, well, us.

8. The Matchbox

Neighborhood: RiNo

Why We Love It: This joint is less than a year old, but it feels like it could have been serving drinks for decades.

9. Cuba Cuba

Neighborhood: Golden Triangle

Why We Love It: By just stepping in the door, we feel transported to the Caribbean (no matter the temperature outside)

10. British Bulldog

Neighborhood: Downtown

Why We Love It: The bar opens early to show international football games, meaning a fan never has to watch a match alone.


Neighborhood: LoHi

Why We Love It: The view. The drinks. The tequila.

—Image courtesy of Carmel Zucker

Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.