After all the effort to obtain press credentials for the DNC, I am wondering whether it mattered. Many of the bloggers I know opted to blog from the Big Tent versus the Pepsi Center. First off, getting to the Pepsi Center is a hike, regardless of whether you hop on a bus or walk. Carrying bags with laptops, cords, extra batteries, and video equipment makes it more challenging. The security lines at the Pepsi Center are long. Last night it took over 20 minutes to get in. Unlike in Boston in 2004, there’s no section in the hall earmarked for bloggers with desktop space, wi-fi, and power outlets. In fact, without a floor pass (or signing up and waiting for a rotating one) you can’t access the floor of the convention at all. A hall pass does give you access to the Blogger’s Lounge and other media filing rooms. The Bloggers’ Lounge is on Level A, the practice court for the Denver Nuggets. It’s a large, windowless space filled with tables, power outlets, and small-screen TVs. The room provides no feeling of being in attendance at the event. You could just as easily live-blog from home (and probably watch on a big screen). Happily, I had a floor pass for Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, and Michelle Obama’s speeches last night.

The difference between being in the hall and being in a press room is huge. But even in the hall, there was no place to sit. I never opened my laptop, opting instead to film everything on my Flip TV Mino and take pictures on my i-Phone. You can access the results of my video efforts and a description of what you are seeing here. My photos are a little better. Today, I started out early, having breakfast with editor/publisher/author Tina Brown at Elways in the Ritz-Carlton. I then waited in line for my daily press pass at Hampton Suites at 19th and Sherman. This afternoon, I planned to attend the Emily’s List Gala where Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosi were speaking. About an hour before it started, Emily’s List sent out an e-mail saying 2,500 people were expected and they would stream it online. Taking my own advice, I watched at home and live-blogged it. It’s now 4 p.m. and I’m ready to think about going back to the Pepsi Center. Sans laptop, just my i-Phone, Flip TV, chargers and me.