Kids across the Front Range are celebrating this morning (or maybe just sleeping in) as a second day of snow keeps them out of schools and instead sledding down hills, building snowmen, or just staying inside to eat soup and watch a movie. The list of closures isn’t limited just to schools. Many businesses have told their workers to stay home this morning, too, according to 9News.

Flights at Denver International Airport remain touch-and-go, and roads are slick after the storm covered a region spanning from northern Utah’s Wasatch Front to the Nebraska-South Dakota border (via The Associated Press). It’s the biggest October snowmaker in the Denver area since 1997.

A winter storm warning remains in effect for much of the region, and forecasters at 9News expect 10 to 18 inches of snow by tonight for Denver and the I-25 corridor from Monument Hill to Cheyenne.

For current conditions, check with the Colorado Department of Transportation.