Restaurant 1858, the new crown jewel of the Broadmoor Hotel at Seven Falls, promises to be a knockout. It sits at the base of Cheyenne Canyon, boxed in by steep granite walls and punctuated by the majestic 181-foot waterfall. (Seven Falls is the only site in Colorado to have garnered a spot on National Geographic’s list of International Waterfalls.)

August 13 marks not just the restaurant’s opening day but also the date when the entire Seven Falls area will reopen to the public. This day is long in coming: The historic attraction took a major hit in 2013 when devastating floodwaters damaged the road into South Cheyenne Canyon, tore down trees, and ripped out lights that illuminated the seven drops of the waterfall. Now, after two years of dedication, the popular destination, known as “Colorado’s Grandest Mile of Scenery,” is ready to again welcome guests.

Just five minutes from the iconic Broadmoor Hotel, the restaurant manages to feel a world away. The ambience and Colorado cuisine are designed to transport you to the year 1858 when 100,000 prospectors flocked to the West during the Gold Rush, with slogans like “Pikes Peak or Bust” written on their covered wagons. Set at the base of the waterfall, the restaurant brings in the canyon with an open patio, and showcases rustic details like huge wooden beams, reclaimed barn wood, hand-hewn stone, custom lantern lighting, and even an ore cart for a hostess stand. The Broadmoor’s Western Art Collection and historic photographs are showcased throughout the indoor dining room.

Tip: The local menu, driven by executive sous chef David Patterson and chef de cuisine Kathleen Symons, pays tribute to the French, German, and Creole origins of the early settlers. Look for an array of game meats, as well as eight preparations of Rocky Mountain trout.

2850 S. Cheyenne Canyon Road, Colorado Springs, 1-844-843-1858,