The Broncos passing game seems to be humming along, with Kyle Orton racking up 1,078 yards and four touchdowns in three games, making him the second-ranked passer in the NFL so far. On top of that, the team’s wide-receiving corps is putting up historic numbers, with the Broncos being the first team ever to have four receivers each notch at least 10 catches, 140 yards, and one touchdown through the third week of the season, notes The Denver Post.

But the big numbers aren’t translating to wins, and the team sits at an unimpressive 1-2, struggling to score—a point not lost on head coach Josh McDaniels: “We’re never trying to go out there and just put up numbers. We’re hoping for production in terms of points more than anything else.”

The problem is, as the Post points out in a separate article, the team’s running game ranks dead last in the NFL, leading to a scoring offense that’s mediocre at best. The Broncos already sit two games behind the division-leading Kansas City Chiefs.

Meanwhile, backup quarterback Tim Tebow, the subject of intense attention in the preseason, hasn’t made an impact at all for the Broncos. The Orlando Sentinel suggests Tebow would be better off starting for the Florida Tuskers, a United Football League team. Instead of riding the bench, Tebow could be learning how to play at a semi-pro level. Besides, Floridians love him.