Three recent stories illustrate just how tough Army life can be. In Afghanistan last week, Fort Carson lost its third solider, Sergeant 1st Class Jason J. Fabrizi of Florida, on his fourth deployment in the nation’s protracted war on terror (via the Colorado Springs Gazette). For those who return home, a report issued at the post last week suggested a “possible association” between combat experiences and risk for “negative behavioral outcomes.” Finally, there’s the case of Kimberly Rivera, the first female soldier to flee the U.S. military for Canada. She left Fort Carson in 2007 after becoming disillusioned with the mission in Iraq. But it’s not clear whether she’ll be able to stay in Canada. She’s appealing the findings of a report that could lead to her deportation, according to The Associated Press. Lawyers for Rivera, who served in Iraq in 2006, argue that she should be allowed to stay in Canada because she could face a court martial and jail time for fleeing. Rivera, a 27-year-old private first class, lives in Toronto with her husband and three children—the youngest of whom was born in Canada.