State Republicans seem to be lacking a unified voice as Colorado’s two major parties look toward the 2012 presidential elections, the Denver Post notes, adding, “The key, according to political scientists and conservative-thought leaders, is finding a candidate who can comfortably traipse into circles of libertarians, evangelical Christians and bread-and-butter business owners—yet attract finicky independent voters who are prone to political trends and usually decide elections at the last minute.”

Ryan Call, who is among the candidates vying to replace outgoing GOP state chairman Dick Wadhams, says he’s firmly in the middle of the road. In response to Wadhams’ reasons for stepping out of the race for chair, Dan K. Thomasson at Scripps Howard News Service thinks it has “become increasingly difficult to make much sense out of the maelstrom of modern politics, where rational thought is not only in short supply; those who offer it are the object of derision.” Instead, Thomasson believes what held true in the early 1960s for Bob Lee, a former state GOP chair, is still the case today: Colorado voters “don’t buy into a lot of off-the-wall stuff.”