There are two types of people in this world: Those who live for buffets, and those who wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot fork. You love them or you hate them; you’re all in or you’re very much out; you live and die by AYCE (all you can eat, for the non-buffeters), or you’d rather die than pick from a line of serving dishes that have sat out for who knows how long.

This story is, of course, for the enthusiasts—the gluttonous, more-is-more eaters addicted to the high of pushing their stomachs to the point of bursting. (Or maybe just some uncomfortable time in the bathroom.) These are the buffets in the Denver area and beyond, organized by cuisine, that offer the best AYCE value. Grab your stretchiest pants and get eating.

Indian: Little India Restaurant & Bar

Lunch: $10
There’s no shortage of Indian buffets in town, but we’re partial to Little India’s, which has stuffed us silly with samosas since the Clinton years. The options, which include North Indian regional specialties and multiple vegan options, change daily and are reliably terrific. And for under $10, it’s one of the best values around. 330 E. 6th Ave., 3496 W. 32nd Ave., and 2390 S. Downing St.

Brunch: ViewHouse Centennial

Sunday Brunch: $40
Finding an over-the-top weekend brunch—we’re talking seafood towers, meat carving stations, made-to-order omelets, and maybe a waffle bar thrown in for good measure—for under $50 a person is tough, but ViewHouse Centennial does it each Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Go forth and eat your weight in bacon. 7101 S. Clinton St., Centennial

Italian: Cinzzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant

Dinner: $20
If your dream is to dine in a huge Tuscan villa with five dining rooms, 14 chef-helmed cooking stations, and hundreds upon hundreds of peel-and-eat shrimp, then you either A) Save some serious dough to curate the magic yourself, or B) Head to Northglenn to Cinzzetti’s. The price is low, and the options are many at this cavernous all-you-can-eat restaurant, whose buffet always includes pizzas, pastas, antipasti, cannoli, and 16 flavors of ice cream. 281 W. 104th Ave., Northglenn

Mexican: Guadalajara Authentic Mexican Buffet

Weekday Lunch and Dinner: $16; Weekends: $19
This East Colfax buffet is a gem—a spicy, porky, chile-rific gem. Feast on tamales, seafood soup, chile verde enchiladas, posole, carnitas, tacos, and, well, a whole lot of other things. The family-owned Guadalajara has been pleasing very hungry masses for more than a decade and is the perfect place to discover just how many enchiladas is too many enchiladas. 11385 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora

Hot Pot: K+ Hot Pot

Lunch: $26; Dinner: $28
Fact: Food is more fun when it comes spinning around on a conveyor belt. At K+, hot pot mix-ins like shrimp, pork, bok choy, mushrooms, and udon noodles whirl right by your table, which means the buffet comes to you. There’s also an option to add on all-you-can-eat Korean Barbecue for $10, if you’re craving copious amounts of bulgogi. 21699 E. Quincy Ave., Aurora

Pizza: Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza

Lunch and Dinner: $15
There was a time when multiple Woody’s lived along the Front Range, but now you have to head to the original Golden location if you want their all-you-can-eat pizza, soup, and salad buffet. Instead of lamenting the lack of current-day Woody’s locations, let’s instead celebrate the honey-semolina-crusted pie that survived. 1305 Washington Ave., Golden

Sushi: Sushi Katsu

Lunch: $25; Dinner: $31
What’s even lazier better than an all-you-can-eat buffet? All-you-can-eat perks without having to leave your seat, which is what you get at Sushi Katsu. The table service, made-to-order AYCE sushi options here are pretty darn vast, with a decent-sized list of rolls and nigiri to choose from and even a selection of cooked dishes, like gyoza, tempura, teriyaki, and udon. 2222 S. Havana St., Suite H, Aurora; 9555 E. Arapahoe Rd., Greenwood Village; 1862 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood

Chinese: King Buffet

Lunch: $18 Dinner: $19
You’re bound to find something you like at King Buffet; the 200-plus item buffet is a smorgasbord of American-Chinese dishes. From dumplings to orange chicken to wonton soup and sushi, King Buffet is the place to hit when more is more. 5220 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada

Mongolian Barbecue: Yuan Palace

Lunch: $13; Dinner: $19
Most of the Mongolian barbecue spots that can be found around the Front Range tend to be chains, but not Yuan Palace. The family-run restaurant has been grilling a plethora of meats on giant, hissing griddles for decades. Take your pick of slivered proteins and fresh veggies, select your sauce, and watch the show as your raw creation sizzles its way into a deliciously cooked reality. 7555 E. Rd., Centennial

Seafood: The Lodge Casino Seasons Buffet

Dinner: $45
The best deal you’ll find on all-you-can-eat crab legs is at the Lodge Casino Seasons Buffet, where the coveted (and sadly now less-common) buffet staple make an appearance Fridays through Sundays. You can only down a pound per person, but you can supplement with prime rib, pasta, and enough desserts to get your calorie count into the five digits. 240 Main St., Black Hawk

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Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy is a freelance writer and ice cream fanatic living in Broomfield.