A few weeks ago I talked about smuggling our own concessions into movies. But after I wrote that post I started wondering what a Recessionista like me could find in terms of cheaper movie ticket prices.

It turns out that Denver is not brimming with discount theaters, which is a big disappointment on several levels. I do believe firmly that a red-blooded person has movie-theater cravings at times, and that person should be able to brandish his or her well-worn dollar and demand a threadbare, creaky seat where said person’s shoes stick to the floor so completely that said shoes may never be worn again.

Also, I suffer from the dichotomy of being overly critical of movies yet easily suckered into blockbusters by things like, say, Hugh Jackman’s abs. For a dollar, even my inner critic stays quiet.

The cheapest movies in town happen at three theaters, all owned by parent company Elvis Cinemas. The deal is easy to remember: Before 6 p.m. movies are $2.50, after 6 p.m. they are $3.50.

There are three locations of Elvis Cinemas:

Arvada: 5157 W. 64th Ave. My pick for the best movie shown this weekend? Coraline. (And all showings are before 6 p.m., score!)

Denver: 7400 E. Hampden Ave. Best movie shown this weekend? Gran Torino.

Littleton: 6014 S. Kipling Pkwy. Best movie shown this weekend? Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I kid, I kid. I’d spring for Taken.

Traditionally priced movie theaters are also offering a few discounts:

Cherry Creek 8, 3000 E. 1st Ave, has a special called a “twilight matinee”–usually these movies are in the late afternoon, and the price is reduced to $6. With ticket prices usually running $10, it’s a solid discount. This is always my favorite location to take myself to chick-flick matinees that I try to keep under wraps. I may or may not have seen the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 here. Cough.

The Mayan Theater, 110 Broadway, offers tickets for $7.25 Monday through Friday before 6 p.m., as well as for the first shows on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Tickets are traditionally $9.75.

The Landmark Theatre in Greenwood Village, 5415 Landmark Place, offers tickets that include popcorn and fountain drinks in the price. Daytime movies, shown in parenthesis on the website, are discounted to $9, tickets are normally $12.