BarrelmanThe Denver Broncos were able to claim a rare win in Kansas City yesterday, dominating the Chiefs 44-13 despite three turnovers by quarterback Kyle Orton. The Broncos now sit at 8-4, firmly entrenched as one of the AFC’s wild-card playoff teams.

Denver racked up 245 rushing yards and 168 passing yards, nearly doubling Kansas City’s totals (box stats via Mile High Report). Broncos linebacker Elvis Dumervil tallied his NFL-leading 15th sack, offering hope of a sustained pass-rush heading into next weekend’s showdown against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts, notes The Denver Post (free registration required).

Let’s hope the Broncos can make Colts quarterback Peyton Manning look as silly as the Chiefs’ Matt Cassel seemed yesterday. Cassel—whom Broncos coach Josh McDaniels once considered acquiring by trading for former quarterback Jay Cutler—had a terrible day and was benched late in the game.

Sports Illustrated football sage Peter King ranks the Broncos at number 10 on his list of the “Fine Fifteen,” calling them a “psycho team” for losing four games in a row by an average of 20 points and now winning two games in a row by an average of 25 points.

Perhaps the Denver win was karmic payback for the Chiefs’ tasteless promotion of the game on their mascot’s Web site last week. The site featured a picture of their mascot jump-kicking Broncos superfan Tim McKernan, also known as the Barrel Man. McKernan (pictured) died Friday after a battle with lung disease (via The Associated Press).