Nathan Miller, the pastry chef-turned chocolatier who rocked the ovens at the Kitchen for six and a half years, grew up near the Hershey’s chocolate factory. So, perhaps it’s no coincidence that his career eventually embraced the sweet treats he loved as a boy. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Miller honed his skills with culinary greats Jean-Georges Vongerichten and David Bouley.

Now, based in Boulder, Miller crafts chocolate bars and truffles with nuanced flavor, snap, and sheen. These decadent treasures finish like a fine wine—and they’re delicious enough to hold a place of honor on the Kitchen’s dessert menu in both Denver and Boulder.

Miller’s latest line-up includes the Everything Bar, which marries dark chocolate with almond, ginger, toffee, and coffee; the 75 percent Hispaniola Bar from the Dominican Republic; the 70 percent Ecuador Bar; and the Boxcar Coffee Bar that infuses, rather than mixes, the coffee and chocolate together.

Find Nathan Miller bars at the Truffle Cheese Shop in Denver and Cured, Kim & Jake’s Cakes, and the Boulder Bookstore in Boulder.