From former Colorado Governor Roy Romer to Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden, the message for the final two weeks of the presidential campaign is clear: “This is our time.”

As Senator Hillary Clinton stumps for Barack Obama in General’s Park in Aurora Friday afternoon (open to the public; no tickets required), and Senator Obama rallies in Civic Center Park on Sunday, I think you’ll hear the same thing from them: “The choice is up to you. Colorado matters. You can be heard. You count. This election is not about us but about you.”

The message echoes what Romer and Biden have been saying this week. From the Rocky Mountain News:

“We can put a stamp on history. We’re going to travel the path of hope, and we’re going to do it with strength and leadership,” Romer said. “This is our moment. This is our time,” he added, and brought the crowd to its feet.

[Biden] finished with a story about his dad, who told him, “When you get knocked down, Champ, get up.” “I’ve never seen a time when so many Americans were knocked down,” Biden said. “It’s our time – it’s America’s time! It’s time to get up, Colorado!”

It’s a message about empowerment. There are millions of new voters this year. Many of them are young, and some are new citizens, voting for the first time. Others may have been too apathetic to vote in prior elections. They have become motivated by a vision of change, a desire to see our country do better, and a belief that, perhaps for the first time, their voices count.

We are fortunate to live in a participatory democracy. Through voting, we make our voices heard. The message these last days of the campaign from the Democrats is: “You count. You matter. You have the power to make a difference. The result is up to you.”

Or, as I always like to say, “We get the government we elect.”