Last year I was lucky enough to participate in a community garden not too far from my apartment. (This year many gardens, including my former one, have wait lists.)

Although I had envisioned happily trotting the few blocks every day and returning with an armful of greens, even the short distance would sometimes deter me after a long day. Soon, two neighborhood boys informed me that my plot had the most weeds they had ever seen.

So this year, I’ve become an avid fan of container gardening. My burgeoning vegetables are inches away from my back door. Now I don’t have to worry about weeds jumping into my pots, and I can easily check on them and grow just what we need for the kitchen. (Last week I cheered on my tomato plant’s four new flowers.)

I’m not alone in my love for container gardening. Recently, Boulder’s Daily Camera wrote an article about how easy it can be. Some tips? Make sure you have six to eight hours of sunlight, choose pots without glaze on the inside, and water them once to twice a day.

Further, Big Green Boulder’s Dave Burdick recently showed off how he plans to get more pots in a small place with a terraced planter, in case you need inspiration for how to grow more produce on your small deck.

Bonus: Want a list of good veggies for pots? Check out this research for plant choices, as well as specifics like how deep to plant them and the varieties that work best in containers.