The University of Colorado has announced that its School of Journalism and Mass Communications could be discontinued and replaced with something else.

“News and communications transmission, as well as the role of the press and journalism in a democratic society, are changing at a tremendous pace. We must change with it,” Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano states in a news release.

What, exactly, might replace the school remains to be decided. CU will form an exploratory committee next month to come up with recommendations for CU administrators and, ultimately, the Board of Regents on ways to dismantle the current school and perhaps form a new academic unit able to keep pace with the increasingly electronic world of communications and media, according to 9News.

Journalism school Dean Paul Voakes says most faculty members support the idea.

The school boasts some notable names among its alumni, including Denver Post managing editor Jeanette Chavez and KUSA-TV anchor Kim Christiansen, points out the Denver Business Journal. Most of them graduated a generation ago, when media was all about paper, radio, and television.