U.S. House Republicans have failed in their effort to compel the White House to release any documents related to potential job offers made to Andrew Romanoff (pictured) and Joe Sestak, two Democrats challenging incumbents in U.S. Senate primaries.

A Resolution of Inquiry has failed on a party-line vote in the House Judiciary Committee, 15-12, leaving Republicans fewer options as they try to force an investigation of the White House’s alleged attempts to entice the candidates out of their political races, according to The Denver Post.

Before shooting down the resolution, Democrats argued that administration officials have already done enough to address the matter and that other issues are currently more important, including the ongoing oil situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Republicans say many questions remain unanswered in both cases, and they believe laws could have been violated, including, potentially in the Romanoff case, the Hatch Act, which bars federal workers from engaging in electoral activity while on the job.

“If the administration has nothing to hide, why not provide Congress with the requested documents and restore integrity to our election process?” asks ranking committee member Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican (via The Hill).