Lots of work and lobbying happened before Colorado State University passed its rule banning students and visitors from carrying concealed guns on campus. But the ban, approved in February and slated to take effect in August, seemed fated to be dropped in the wake of a Colorado Appeals Court ruling last month that found the University of Colorado had no authority to issue a ban. And that’s what happened yesterday, according to The Denver Post. Dudley Brown, director of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, which opposed the ban, says CSU “didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.” CSU board member John Ikard, who supported the ban, essentially agrees, saying, “Our hands are sort of tied,” according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan. A university statement explains the decision: “Because of the change in the law as a result of the court decision, the board has directed the individual campus presidents to work with legal counsel to revise and implement appropriate weapons control policies that are compliant with state law. Since the weapons control policies were not implemented on the campuses, the campuses will operate as status quo until such time as the revised policies are developed.”