When it opened in late May, N3L Optics upped the ante on shopping for sunglasses in Denver. Providing much more than brand names, N3L has created a total shopping experience. Search for glasses by lifestyle, activity, or current trend, and when you’ve found a pair you like, test them out. A touch-screen computer allows you to research glasses’ frames, shapes, lenses, and tints. At the “Explorer,” an environmental simulator chamber, check out the eyewear’s performance under different weather conditions. And with the “Navigator Display,” take a picture of yourself in a pair of specs, then email it to a friend for a second opinion. If you absolutely cannot find a style to fit your needs, N3L will help you customize a pair of Rudy Project or Oakley glasses. Prices begin at $60. Cherry Creek Shopping Center, 3000 E. First Ave., 303-393-7127