For 40 years, the Flagstaff House has sustained a reputation for elegance and excellence, particularly with its extensive wine collection. And yet, despite winning Wine Spectator’s Grand Award every year since 1983, it’s been difficult for the restaurant to draw a steady clientele looking for a casual glass of vino. That may be the result of the daunting 160-page wine list—its inventory of 12,000 bottles could easily intimidate all but the most wine savvy customer.

But that’s about to change. The long-standing spot is entering the digital age by converting its wine book into an interactive iPad tablet through a Wireless WineList system from Tiare Technology. The customized approach offers wine experts (and novices) the chance to peruse the Flagstaff collection at the touch of a screen.

Diners can access tasting notes, descriptions of the wine’s region or grape varietals, and even background information on the winery. They can also easily tailor the wine list to their needs by searching within categories such as price range. Photos of the wine labels and pairing notes (an option that may be added later) are designed to enhance the dining experience and deepen customer discussions with the sommelier.

“We hope this fun, interactive system…attracts a wider audience to the Flagstaff House,” says general manager and partner Scott Monette. We wholeheartedly agree. Plus, with a new toy that’s this much fun—even allowing you to e-mail your selections to yourself—the wine list itself might become an addiction.

1138 Flagstaff Rd., Boulder, 303-442-4640