As the Fourmile Fire in the foothills west of Boulder entered its fourth day yesterday, it became the state’s worst in terms of loss. So far, 135 homes have been destroyed, a number that will probably rise as firefighters struggle to control the raging blaze, according to The Denver Post, which points out that it may be another 10 days before the fire is fully contained. Still, some evacuees are likely to be allowed to return to their homes in several neighborhoods, including Boulder Heights, Carriage Hills, Pinebrook Hills, and certain other areas.

Crews have created a 20-mile perimeter around the fire and have control over a two-mile section on the eastern side of the blaze, which has eaten approximately 6,388 acres, a figure adjusted downward from yesterday’s estimate, reports the Daily Camera.

“From down here, when you look up you don’t see massive plumes of smoke and high flame length; it’s easy to get lulled into a sense that it’s safe, that we’re keeping you away for no reason, or that it’s under control. It is not,” said Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle during a community assembly last night (via 9News).

The fire is considered about 10 percent contained, writes The Associated Press, which notes that the 2002 Hayman Fire destroyed 133 homes.