With Election Day about one week away, Michael Bennet and Ken Buck traded hard shots on everything from Social Security to jobs and abortion during their final debate, which took place at CBS4‘s studio in downtown Denver this weekend. At this point in the race, it seems the Democrat and Republican, respectively, have nothing nice to say about the other. “I’m sure that Senator Bennet is an honorable man. I haven’t seen it much,” Buck said. Bennet returned the fire, calling Buck “out of touch” on several issues.

There’s still no clear leader in the race: The latest poll, conducted in recent days by Survey USA, shows the two tied at 47 percent. Just five percent say they support another candidate, and one percent remain undecided, according to 9News, which reiterates that Buck’s lead in the race has diminished in the last three weeks. And, as The New York Times writes, “There may be no place in America’s midterm elections where the gender gap is so pronounced,” with more men backing Buck and more women supporting Bennet.

One of the latest ads to hit the airwaves looks to further exploit that gap. A spot by the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, which has spent more than $800,000, admonishes Buck for comments the group considers insensitive to women, notes Congressional Quarterly. “Colorado women deserve respect,” one local mom says in the ad, referencing the now-infamous high-heels comment Buck made on the campaign trail taunting his Republican primary competitor Jane Norton. “We need leaders who will stand with us, whether we’re in high heels or cowboy boots.”