GROWednesdays was an uber-groovy lounge night that began several years ago at the Funky Buddha. It really hit when the Buddha ditched it and the night moved to Harry’s, the swank little martini bar at the Magnolia Hotel, where the party became so popular that management had to cancel it in 2003 due to hotel guests complaining about the party atmosphere. We’ve missed that scene ever since. The vibe was never quite as cool after downtempto mixmasters Josh Ivy and DJ Psychonaut moved the night over to Rox Infusion Lounge, and last summer they simply gave it up.

Looks like they may have found a new home. Tonight at the Tom Tom Room, GROW Thursdays tests the waters at the latest location with Ivy and Psychonaut on hand, along with newcomer Just Ginger. The buzz is that this is a “sneak preview” of the new GROW night, so it may or may not be a regular night again. Still, anyone who loved GROWednesdays before should head down and show your support.