The 2010 Census is preparing to hire about 8,000 people across Colorado, a door-knocking army that will swarm the state in an effort to count every person for Uncle Sam. Though the state has lost more than 10 times that many jobs in the past year, the federal jobs, though temporary, are welcomed by many. Offices around the state are hiring, including in Denver, with pay starting at $12.75 an hour, writes The Denver Post. But an increasing number of workers in the Mile High City aren’t pounding any pavement or dwelling in any cubicle. Of the medium- or large-sized cities in the U.S., Denver ranks number four for telecommuting, according to a new survey commissioned by Microsoft Corporation (via the Denver Business Journal). Most respondents claim they are more productive working from home, as well as to save money on gas and time commuting. But they also complain of a lack of face time with colleagues. Fewer than half the companies surveyed have telecommuting policies and of those that do, only about a third of workers take advantage. And, it appears, most workers telecommute for short stints—apparently on their time off. Many employees say they’ve telecommuted from a vacation spot or a doctor’s office, times when you’d think workers shouldn’t be worried about their jobs. Others seem to be genuinely telecommuting, with some preferring to work outside their homes, in cafes (25 percent). A shocking nine percent admit they work from bathrooms.