Just as playground monkey bars build pint-size arm strength, Monkii Bars—a suspension-training apparatus released by Boulder’s the Wild Gym Company in September—develop grown-up muscles even Popeye would be proud of. The year-old company’s first fitness product morphs simple exercises, such as push-ups and dips, into off-the-ground sweat-fests that triple their difficulty. Designed by co-owners David Hunt and Dan Vinson (a former wilderness ranger and firefighter), the aluminum-cored device weighs less than a pound but can support up to 550 pounds of force. These superportable butt-kickers also come with 100 different full-body workouts crafted by Vinson, a certified CrossFit trainer. Which means you’ll never be without your gym again—whether you’re in your house (the Monkii Branch, an accessory to the Monkii Bars, can be used inside a doorframe), camping in the woods (try suspended dips using a tree), or, say, dangling from a hot air balloon doing pull-ups 2,000 feet above Longmont, as Vinson did in October 2013. “We want to help people see the world as their gym,” Vinson says. Maybe just warn others first: Vinson’s stunt prompted four 911 calls before the hourlong “workout” was finished. monkiibars.com