If you own an iPhone, chances are you’ve dropped it and shattered the touchscreen, rendering the thing nearly useless. Typically, you have three options: live with it; leave your phone with a repair shop for a couple of days; or buy a new device.
Now, there’s a fourth choice. Within an hour or two of receiving an online request, Denver startup Shatter Buggy will come to your home or office to repair your iPhone, iPod, or iPad—usually for around $100 (including a six-month warranty). Founder Benjamin Head taught himself to fix his own iPhone as a hobby while working as a commercial pilot. But now that he’s repairing thousands of devices, Head is looking to franchise the business outside of Colorado—where, he admits, Shatter Buggy may miss its active Front Range customers.
“We get lots of people who dropped their phones running or cycling here,” Head says. “Definitely more than the average state.” shatterbuggy.com